International Workshops

The CCIMC programme comprises three international scientific workshops, all entitled « Cuttin-edge Homogeneous Catalysis » (CHC), each one planned for two days. They have the same purpose as the Network workshops, allowing the ESRs to hone their communication skills. The ESRs will be required to give a presentation at each of these events, at least one oral presentation and at least one poster presentation. These events, however, will be open to scientists beyond the perimeter of the EJD Network (doctoral students, post-docs, academic and industrial researchers), which will broaden the scientific discussions to a much wider forum. The organization of these events is also considered part of the CCIMC dissemination plan and is therefore handled as a separate task of WP7 (T7.3). 

1st International scientific workshop (CHC1)

Planned for M13 at LCC (Toulouse, FR).

2nd International scientific workshop (CHC2)

Planned for M25 at ULEI (Leipzig, DE).

3rd International scientific workshop (CHC3)

Planned for M48 at UAB (Barcelona, ES).

The 3rd international workshop will take place when the ESRs will have obtained their degrees and started their next career stage, as post-docs or with a permanent position. All the ESRs will be invited back and the event will constitute the last showcase of the EJD success in front of an international audience.