ESR15 Project

CO2 Transformations catalysed by N-Heterocylic Carbene (NHC) systems
Recruting institution: CNRS
Diploma-delivering institutions: UPS, UAB
Thesis co-directors: Olivier Baslé and Sébastien Bontemps (LCC, Toulouse, FR), Agustí Lledós (UAB, Barcelona, ES)
Secondment host: Rhodia Operations (FR)

The direct conversion of abundant and low-cost CO2 and hydrocarbon feedstock into value-added products has the potential to be a revolutionary technology in the chemical industry. In this project, by taking advantage of photochemical reactions that occur under mild conditions and avoid the use of aggressive chemicals, we propose to functionalize alkanes with CO2 for the production of high value-added carboxylic acids.
Expected Results
Efficient and robust catalytic systems (<1 mol% catalyst) using low pressure of CO2 (1 atm.) for the regioselective (>99%) carboxylation of low value feedstock. The PhD student will gain skills in theoretical calculations, advanced organic, heterocycles synthesis as well as catalytic CO2 transformations.

This project is based our complementary expertise in photocatalytic C-H functionalization,1 and CO2 activation2 at LCC and in computational modelling at UAB.3

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