Early Stage Researcher Projects

ESR1Olefin metathesis catalysts with high Z-selectivity
Co-directors: Vincent César (LCC), Karol Grela (UW) Secondment host: TEC

ESR2 – Design of efficient catalytic tools for a direct access to chiral amines
Co-directors: Cyril Godard (URV), Martine Urrutigoity (LCC) Secondment host: ITC
Academic secondment: DTU

ESR3 – s-Block Metal-Mediated Hydroelementation
Co-directors: Agustí Lledós (UAB), Matthias Westerhausen (FSU)
Secondment host: ITC

ESR4 – Development of supported catalysts for continuous flow asymmetric hydrogenation
Co-directors: Vasile Pârvulescu (UoB), Jérôme Durand and Karine Philippot (LCC)
Secondment host: TEC

ESR5 – Metal-mediated C-F bond activation and C-F bond formation
Co-directors: Antoine Simonneau (LCC), John Slattery and Jason Lynam (UoY)
Secondment host: ITC

ESR6 – Activation of carbon dioxide with highly Lewis acidic compounds
Co-directors: Matthias Westerhausen (FSU), Sébastien Bontemps (LCC)
Secondment host: IFPEN

ESR7- Photo-switchable phosphines for in situ modification of catalysts
Co-directors: Evamarie Hey-Hawkins (ULEI), Rosa Maria Sebastián (UAB)
Secondment host
Academic secondment : UAB (Barcelona, ES)

ESR8Polar substrates asymmetric hydrogenation and associated processes: role of the base
Co-directors: Simon Duckett, Jason Lynam and John Slattery (UoY), Rinaldo Poli (LCC)
Secondment host: TEC
Academic secondment : UAB

ESR9 – Biphasic catalysis with metal nanoparticles inside polymeric nanoreactors
Co-directors: Anders Riisager (DTU), Eric Manoury and Karine Philippot (LCC)
Secondment host: IFPEN

ESR10 – Immobilization of NHC’s ligands in Janus Dendrimers. Catalysis in green solvents
Co-directors: Karol Grela (UW), Rosa Maria Sebastián (UAB)
Secondment host: Henkel
Academic secondment: LCC (Toulouse, France)

ESR11- Selective hydrogenation of amides with supported transition metal nanoparticles
Co-directors: Anders Riisager (DTU), Karine Philippot (LCC)
Secondment host: IFPEN

ESR12Carboranylphosphines meet dendrimers: Electron-deficient scaffolds for ligand design and applications in catalysis
Co-directors: Anne-Marie Caminade (LCC), Evamarie Hey-Hawkins (ULEI)
Secondment host: BASF
Academic secondment: UAB

ESR13Specifically functionalized dendrimers for catalysis in special media
Co-directors: Rosa Maria Sebastián (UAB), Anne-Marie Caminade (LCC)
Secondment host: Henkel

ESR14 – Reactivity and catalytic chemistry of Ge/Si-H bonds at metal centres
Co-directors: Mary Grellier (LCC), Jason Lynam and John Slattery (UoY)
Secondment host: JM

ESR15CO2 Transformations catalysed by N-Heterocylic Carbene (NHC) systems
Co-directors: Olivier Baslé and Sébastien Bontemps (LCC), Agustí Lledós (UAB)
Secondment host: SOLV